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Northeast Home & Energy was founded in 1980 by Richard Prunier with the goal of helping homeowners to reduce their heating bills. Heat rises naturally, and around a quarter of it is lost through the roof of a typical home. Since the early eighties, the company has expanded to fit windows, sidings, and insulation as well. However, we still specialize in high-quality roofing services.

Find out more about Northeast Home & Energy roofing services in Massachusetts and how repeating and replacing your roof can reduce your energy bills and make your home more sustainable. Northeast Home & Energy roofing contractors in Grafton can install a roof in a single day or arrange a remodeling situation with you that allows you to remain at home during the work.

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Roofing Contractors Grafton, MA

If you live in Grafton, Massachusetts, and you need your roof repaired or replaced, it’s only a matter of time before you encounter Northeast Home & Energy. We are the leading roofers in the State, providing expert services for all roofing requirements. When you choose us, you choose an established family business that provides integrity, efficiency, and longevity.

The State of Massachusetts is no stranger to adverse weather conditions. While the weather is normally warm and pleasant throughout the warmer months, there are occasional storms with high winds, hail storms with sizable hail stones, and cold winters with plenty of ice. It doesn’t take long for your roof to feel the effect of these conditions and require repairs and replacement.

Roofing Services

Northeast Home & Energy specializes in roofing and offers a range of services for repairs, replacements, and upgrades. Rood replacements are available for commercial and residential premises, and services are available to repair roofs quickly following storm damage. We also provide roofing upgrades, such as skylights, ridge vents, and ventilation, for better life quality.


Roof replacement is an extensive project and is only required for older roofs and ones that have been severely damaged; in most cases, you will only require a roof repair to maintain the integrity of your home. Roof damage is caused in many ways; it can occur over time due to older roofs, and it can also happen because of storm damage, high winds, and hail stones.

Roof Leak

Roof leaks can be expensive and dangerous; they can also be difficult to trace in some properties. Obvious leaks can cause immediate damage and be repaired quickly. Still, hidden leaks in the roof will cause long-term water damage and potential health risks for your family. So don’t take any chances, have your home checked for leaks regularly and following storms.

Roof Repair

Storms aren’t easy to predict and can cause unexpected and expensive damage to your home. Whether it is a tree that has come down on your roof, missing tiles caused by hurricanes, or high winds, Northeast Home & Energy can repair any problem fast. Don’t waste any time after a destructive storm, have the repairs taken care of quickly to protect the integrity of your home.

Hail Damage

Massachusetts is no stranger to hail stones. In fact, it’s common for the State to experience hail stones as large as quarters on occasion. These hail stones can cause severe damage to shingles and skylights on the roof of a property. If you require a repair or replacement following a severe hail storm, get in touch with the roofing experts at Northeast Home & Energy right away for a free quote.

Storm Damage

Storms of all kinds are a common occurrence in Massachusetts; for this reason, Northeast Home & Energy offers a 24/7 roof repair service to protect your home and family. A storm might cause shingle damage to the roof. It can also cause hidden leaks that lead to water damage and ventilation issues. Stay on the safe side and have your home checked regularly.

Water and Ice

Throughout the winter, the elements regularly punish your roof, so it’s a sensible idea to have your property checked when the warmer weather arrives. If your home is prone to ice dams – walls of ice that grow under the eaves – there’s a high chance you will have some water damage under the shingles in the Spring. Contact Northeast Home & Energy’s excellent customer service for a free quote.


A skylight is an excellent feature in residential and commercial properties giving you the option of natural light and privacy simultaneously; a skylight can also support ventilation and temperature control. However, suppose you have concerns about the integrity of the skylight or its ability to maintain energy efficiency in the home. In that case, there’s no need for concern with Velux – quality and superior products.

No Leak Warranty

If you are installing or upgrading a roof for a residential or commercial property, you should consider a skylight. Skylights provide natural light to the property and an additional ventilation option – they are useful in both the summer and the winter. In addition, when you have a skylight installed by Northeast Home & Energy, you can benefit from a 10-year no-leak warranty.

Lower Utility Bills

One thing that might put people off installing a skylight is the issue of energy efficiency in the home; since heat rises and they have double glazing in the rest of the house, it’s assumed the skylight will be a source of heat loss; but this is not the case. So instead, Northeast Home & Energy use Velux skylights with insulating glass that maintains the right temperature in summer and winter.

Water Protection

When a skylight is older or not properly installed, leaks can often occur; this is another reason many households decide against installing a skylight on the property. Skylights installed by Northeast Home & Energy have three layers of protection: a deck seal, an adhesive underlayment, and a flashing system for maximum leak protection in rough weather.

Roofing Systems

Once you have surveyed your roof and decided on a replacement, you need to think about the roofing materials and installation processes. Northeast Home & Energy have a wide selection of both. Talk to an expert to learn more about the roofing types and their advantages, a new roof can also be installed in a single day with the right size and materials.

One-Day Roof Installations

Having a roof installed is a necessary inconvenience, so it would be ideal if the work could be carried out in a single day. Northeast Home & Energy offers one-day service for qualifying roofs. For example, suppose your roof is 3000 square feet or less, and you want standard shingles. In that case, the team can make fast progress using a calculated plan, experience, and some luck with the local weather.

Roofing Types

Choosing the materials for your new roof is important; it has to support the local weather condition and your personal tastes. For example, some people choose materials for visual appeal, while others choose a long-standing warranty or basic weather durability. The best way to decide on the right materials for the roof is to consult with an expert roofer from Northeast Home & Energy.

Remodeling Services

Remodeling projects are large-scale projects that require days or weeks to complete; naturally, this interferes with the normal operations of a household. However, while remodeling is inconvenient, it is also necessary. Still, there are some helpful ways to minimize the inconvenience and accelerate the project’s completion. Northeast Home & Energy has provided a useful preparation guide.

Project Planning

If you require extensive work on the property’s exterior, you might need to complete the work in phases. Phased work helps to reduce stress and inconvenience to your household. It completes the project across a planned time period. There is no need to tackle everything at once; you can simply talk to Northeast Home & Energy about the best options going forward.

Roofing services with northeast Home & Energy can be phased, and so too can the financing options. If you struggle to pay for necessary roofing repair or replacement work, you can benefit from a financing arrangement that phases the payments and the work for affordability.

Check Up Guide

It could be time for a check-up if you aren’t sure whether you need a roof repair or replacement service. There are two ways you can check your roof for structural integrity and signs of damage; you can contact Northeast Home & Energy or use the Check-Up guide.

A check-up guide is a simple list of items to look out for on your roof and in your attic; it includes things like shifted shingles, missing or torn shingles, nails poking up, and ventilation issues. These common issues are potential eater infiltration risks that must be addressed immediately.


Frequently Asked Questions

Should I repair or replace my roof?

Roof repair and replacement are inevitable and some point, but how do you know which one to choose? First, of course, repairing a roof is a lot less expensive than a replacement. Still, a replacement that is installed correctly can provide you with better value over a long time period.

The decision often depends on the type of shingles used on the roof and how they are installed. If the roof has the quality and good installation, the shingles can be easily repaired, saving you money. On the other hand, you might be better off with a replacement as a long-term option.

Are there any discounts or financing options?

Repairing a roof is cheaper than replacing one, but both of these options can be expensive, especially when you can’t afford the work. Northeast Home and Energy strives to make the process of roof replacement as affordable as possible with discounts and financing options.

If you need financing options, talk to your contact at Northeast Home and Energy. There are several plans available; some of them offer zero interest on the repayments, while others allow you to postpone your first payment for an entire year. Contact us for a free estimate.

How long does a roof replacement take?

Installing a roof is a big project that requires a team of experienced planners and builders. Northeast Home and Energy has a one-day option for roof installation. Still, for this to be successful, your roof must be 3000 square feet or under, with standard shingles to be installed.

Normally, a roof installation takes between one and two days, and a remodeling plan can be arranged to reduce any inconvenience to the household. Alternatively, roofing services can be undertaken in the long term allowing you to complete work with minimal inconvenience.

How much does a roof replacement cost?

A quality roof is not inexpensive, but it’s also a job that you want to be completed correctly and to a high standard. For that reason, it’s worth investing in quality materials and an experienced professional roofing company. However, there are a few things to consider when it comes to formulating a price.

The primary factors to consider are the size of the roof, the difficulty of the installation, and the materials to be used. Larger roofs with complex arrangements are likely to be more expensive. But all roofs from Northeast Home and Energy come with extended warranties.