Roofing Contractor Nantucket, MA

Do you have a property requiring roof repair or maintenance services? Getting your roof repaired or replaced is tough work that has to be done correctly and, therefore, best left to a professional. A roofing contractor in Nantucket, MA, is in the best position to repair, replace, install, or provide ongoing roof maintenance for homes and commercial properties.

Roof systems can vary based on your home’s needs and specifications. We discuss the signs of a damaged roof, things to look for in good roofing contractors, what to watch out for in a roofing contract, and more.

Signs You Need to Call a Roofing Contractor in Nantucket, Ma

Professionally-installed roofs can last approximately 30 years, but they can be susceptible to outside elements, such as water damage and falling debris. The following are seven signs you need a new roof;

  1. You have missing shingles, or they are curling, blistering, or buckling due to wind damage and exposure to sunlight.
  2. There’s moss on your roof. Moss is a sign your roof is deteriorating, as it thrives in damp and shaded environments or grows on tree-shaded or north-facing roofs.
  3. The roof looks patchy with a buildup of shingle granules in your gutters.
  4. Your flashing is damaged, causing it to lose its waterproof qualities, so water leaks inside your house.
  5. You need roofing contractors to sort out algae and mold growth on your roof.
  6. If there are specks or dark spots on your ceilings around the chimney and vents where flashing is present, you need professionals to check for dampness and fix the leaks.
  7. If sunlight pours in from the attic, it could indicate roof damage from outside elements.

All these common problems can weaken your roof’s ability to protect your home and lead to costly issues. To avoid this, contact a roofing company in Nantucket, Massachusetts, as they have the right gear and expertise to maintain a healthy roof.

Estimated Cost of Roof Replacement and Repairs

Asphalt shingles are the most common types of roofs and least expensive to repair or replace in the United States. Roofers typically charge per 10′ x 10′ square area—that equals 100 square feet of roof surface. The average cost to install a new asphalt shingle roof is around $7 per square foot. Based on the average US roof size of 2000 square feet, a moderate repair will cost between $500 and $1000 per 10 x 10 square foot.

Northeast Home Roofing Job

A new asphalt shingle roof would cost anywhere from $7,500 to $30,000. If your roof has wood shakes or cedar shingles with moss buildup or insect damage, the repair can cost $500 to $1000. Other factors to consider when estimating roofing costs include the roofing materials, the installation process, the size of the job, and the shape of your roof.

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