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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the idea of replacing your windows, roof or siding? You’re not alone. For many homeowners, the idea of tackling home improvement projects can be daunting, especially if this is your first time replacing your roof, windows or siding. At Northeast Home & Energy, we proudly serve the Whitinsville, Massachusetts, community, offering comprehensive home improvement services tailored to your needs. Our past work speaks for itself.

Specializing in roofing, siding, windows and insulation, our expert team enhances the comfort and value of your home. Our roofing services ensure durable, weather-resistant protection for your property, while our siding options add aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.

We love the serene and picturesque community of Whitinsville. It’s where small-town charm meets modern convenience, and residents enjoy a peaceful suburban lifestyle surrounded by lush greenery. That’s why we continue to offer siding solutions, window replacements, home insulation and roofing services in Whitinsville, Massachusetts.


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Roofing Services

Northeast Home & Energy takes immense pride in offering top-notch roofing services to the esteemed homeowners of Whitinsville. Our dedicated team ensures excellence, from meticulous inspections to flawless installations. Transparent communication is our cornerstone. Fostering trust with Whitinsville homeowners throughout the entire process. Embracing eco-friendly roofing options, we guarantee durability and align with sustainability goals, reflecting our commitment to responsible practices.


Choosing Northeast Home & Energy for roofing needs in Whitinsville means investing in a durable and aesthetically pleasing solution that prioritizes the longevity and integrity of homes with unmatched expertise and care. At Northeast Home & Energy, we specialize in roof replacement, roof repairsskylight installation and chimney flashing. Make us your go-to roofing contractor in Whitinsville, Massachusetts.

Schedule a free roof estimate and chat with our roofing experts. We help you decide on material choices and other important factors you should consider, such as roof slope, costs and aesthetics.

Window Replacements

Are you looking for an established window contractor in Whitinsville? Your search is over. At Northeast Home & Energy, our window replacements offer homes a range of advantages, including:

  • Energy efficiency: Old or poorly insulated windows affect your home’s indoor temperature. Poor insulation forces your heating and cooling systems to work harder, causing utility bills to skyrocket.
  • Damage and wear: Over time, windows can become damaged or worn from exposure to moisture, elements and general aging. Common issues include cracked glass, rotting frames, water infiltrations and difficulty opening or closing windows. Our window replacement services restore functionality, improve aesthetics and prevent further damage to the property.
  • Increased natural light: Some homeowners choose our window replacement services to maximize natural light intake and brighten their homes.
  • Enhanced security: Older windows are more vulnerable to break-ins and intrusions. Upgrading your windows means you will have strong windows and frames that provide you peace of mind.
  • Regulatory compliance: Window replacements may be necessary to comply with building codes and zoning regulations.

Upgrading your windows with us not only enhances your home’s appearance inside and out but also improves energy efficiency. We work with Harvey and Andersen — two reputable window manufacturers. These partnerships allow us to deliver high-quality window replacements for residential and commercial properties. Work with the best when you need expert window replacements in Whitinsville.