Ice Dams and Water Damage in Grafton, MA

What are ice dams and what causes them?


Ice dams form when the snow on your roof melts and the water collects along the eaves. The eaves do not warm up as much as the rest of the roof, so the water can collect there and refreeze into a thick sheet of ice. Ice dams are harmful to your roof, shingles, and gutters. If there is water trapped behind the ice dam, it can travel underneath the shingles on your roof and flow into your home. This can cause extensive and expensive water-damage to your ceiling, walls, rugs, and possessions.

Preventing ice dams

Stop them from causing water damage to your home

Whenever enough snow accumulates on your roof, you are at risk for ice dams. However, there are two main strategies for preventing dams and minimizing any damage they might cause.

Install A Protective
Ice And Water Barrier

For roof replacements, Northeast Home & Energy installs 6 feet of ice and water shield to better protect your home against ice dams. Depending on where you live and how old your home is, this protective membrane may need to extend at least 2 feet inside the heated wall space of a house.

Keep Your Roof Cold

If your roof stays cold, the snow won’t melt all at once, increasing the likelihood of ice dam formation. You can keep your roof cold by blocking air leaks in your attic. To do this, you will have to pull back the insulation and block any leaks with caulking or foam. This keeps your roof evenly cool, preventing any warm patches from melting and refreezing in the eaves.

Don’t let ice damage ruin your roof


If you currently are having ice dam problems or think you may be susceptible to them, call Northeast Home & Energy. We can stop the leak caused by the dam, repair any damage, and offer you solutions to help prevent any future ice dams. We have been serving New England for four decades and are committed to sharing our family values with all of our homeowners. We promise to treat your family and home with the utmost care & respect and to always be honest & straightforward with you.

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