Harvey Vinyl Windows

Your windows are the “eyes” of your home from which you see the world, and are one of the first things someone notices about your home. In this blog we will take an in depth look at the window choices available at Northeast Home & Energy. We offer top of the line Harvey and Andersen window products exclusively, and have a wide array of options from their product lines to meet your style preference without compromising on durability and energy efficiency.

Why Harvey and Andersen Windows?

We boast Harvey and Anderson because both companies offer high-quality windows with highly customizable features to meet your unique aesthetic and energy efficiency needs. Every home is different, so we offer a wide array of options that can cater to your specific home’s structural design and color. Both windows are famous for their durability and long-lasting performance and both offer a wide range of customization options, and also have stellar energy efficiency attributes. Andersen and Harvey also offer comprehensive warranties on all of their windows, so you can be assured your investment in window installment is protected by a reputable company. We at Northeast Home & Energy want to make sure you are happy with your windows once they are installed, which is why we offer only the best window choices for you to choose from.


Harvey Vinyl windows are our best selling out of the choices we offer. Here are the Harvey vinyl options:

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Classic Series*

Slimline Series

Tribute Series

The classic series double hung window is the most popular option among our customers. It’s available in white or almond colors with hardware to match, has Energy Star customization options, and advanced performance features to even further the value of your home.


 The Harvey Slimline double hung series offers desirable and attractive features at a great price, without compromising energy conservation performance. The frame minimizes bulk and maximizes view, so you can always get a glimpse of the beautiful outdoors from inside your home. The Slimline series is available in white and also offers customizable inside and outside paint options.


Lastly, the Tribute Series offers double hung windows and superior looks and energy performance. This series is available in white or almond and is a great choice for minimizing bulkiness and maximizing your viewport to the world. There is no question why Harvey Vinyl windows are our best sellers, and highest value to our customers.

Check out all of Harvey’s Classic, Slimline, and Tribute series by clicking one of the links to get a closer look at what we offer.

Harvey Window Options


We offer a great option for Harvey wood windows, which is the Majesty series. Built with Ponderosa pine, these windows are designed to resist rot, degradation, splitting, warping, and mildew. The extruded aluminum exterior cladding is precision formed to protect the sashes from outdoor conditions, and includes attractive beveling to match the aesthetics of wood windows. The options within the Majesty Series include:


  • Awning Window
  • Bay Window
  • Bow Window
  • Casement Window
  • Double Hung
  • Gliding Window
  • Picture Window 
  • Shape Window


Many of the options above include Energy Star options and different color and finish combinations. No matter what the design and structure of your home is, there’s a Harvey Majesty Series wood window option to meet your needs. Take a closer look at some of these options in Harveys Home Guide.

Andersen Wood Window Options

In addition to Harvey wood windows, we also offer a great selection of Andersen wood windows. These include:

Andersen 400 Series Tilt Wash
Andersen 400 Series Woodright

400 Series Tilt Wash

400 Series Woodwright

Both windows are double hung and great choices that match energy efficiency with timeless style and quality. The Tilt Wash series offers Black, Dark Bronze, and Pine finishes that will give you the classic look of a double hung window with a modern touch. 


The Woodwright series boasts Andersen’s innovative highly energy efficient Fibrex® material, but doesn’t compromise on its rich historic look.


Check out the Andersen 400 Series Tilt Wash and 400 Series Woodwright to get a closer look at the Andersen wood window options we offer. 


No matter what style, finish color, hardware color, or energy rating you are looking for, Northeast Home and Energy has the right option for you. Both Harvey and Anderen offer options that will meet your needs, and ultimately save you money in the long run with upgradeable energy performance options. Give us a call today to get a free estimate and find out more about our incredible and highly customizable wood and vinyl window options.