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ANSWER: A Massachusetts licensed home inspector should provide the buyer and seller knowledge of all the problems that exist in the house except a roof. Most don’t inspect roofs.

ANSWER: No, you can’t rely on a home inspector as the only source of information on the property. Why? Because he or she may devote two hours max for the inspection. They miss a great deal. And that’s an experienced, licensed inspector, not someone who is inexperienced.

ANSWER: Realtors are not home inspectors. In tours of a building they will usually catch the obvious problems like water stains on walls, cracked windows and siding, to name a few. But they are not always on the ball. The realtor who represented Shawn and Sukru Senveli in the purchase of their 1940s home in Westborough missed so many visible problems . You can read about the problems the Senveli’s faced and money they paid to fix what the seller should have done here.


A Massachusetts licensed contractor such as Northeast Home & Energy will be able to advise home and building owners when replacing windows, siding, or roofs and may also discover leaks in the ceiling from the roof or between walls when they install insulation. If Northeast Home & Energy is replacing siding, removing or adding insulation, it will be very evident where there is a leak or where animals can be found between walls and attics.