Northeast Vinyl Siding

Between the blazing sun, harsh wind, heavy snow, intense rain, and frigid sleet, your New England home’s siding takes a beating. It protects your home from all of these things, but over time, these attacks take their toll.

Your siding, depending on type, could last for decades with proper maintenance and repair. But how do you know when it’s time to replace your siding, not just repair it? Here are 8 signs that you need new vinyl siding on your home.

8 Signs You Need New Siding

Dry rot is ravaging your wood siding

If you can see dry rot on your home’s siding, you will know right away that you need to replace it. Rotting siding can crumble and break away, meaning it isn’t protecting your home against harsh elements anymore. In some cases, you may be able to replace the rotting section if it is small and contained. But if you have widespread rot reaching the exterior of your siding, you should call a contractor to replace it.

To find out if you have dry rot, visually inspect your siding for small cracks. Tap the siding with your hand or a rubber handled tool to see if it’s solid or if it gives way. Dry rot starts below the surface, attacking the exterior last, so you won’t be able to see it until it is too late.

You need frequent repairs and repainting

Good quality wood siding should only need to be repainted once a decade. If you are painting your siding to cover up peeling, cracking, or chipping more frequently than once every eight years, you probably need new siding.

If you see a lot of fading in your siding, it’s time to replace it. Most siding today is made to hold its color for as long as the siding itself is durable. Once there is excessive fading, the siding probably needs to be replaced.

Your heating and cooling bills are rising

High heating and cooling costs can be caused by many things, including extreme temperatures, HVAC equipment, and your home’s energy-efficiency. First, you should have Northeast Home & Energy inspect your roof and attic to see if the systems are working properly to keep your home comfortable. If the inspection goes well, your siding could be the root of your high bills. If your siding isn’t doing its job and the insulation underneath is inferior, your home will be inefficient, leading to a hike in heating and cooling costs.

Damaged siding

Unsurprisingly, if your siding is damaged, you will probably need to replace it. Check for loose or cracked boards. If you only have one or two damaged boards, you can probably just replace those. But if there are more, it’s probably best to replace all of it. And remember ALL damaged siding needs to be replaced as soon as possible. If not, you could be inviting water damage into your home.

Damaged wallpaper or peeling paint

You may be surprised to find out that your home’s exterior siding can affect your home’s interior. Your siding should protect your home against water damage that can degrade wallpaper or paint. If you have loose wallpaper or peeling & chipping paint, faulty siding could be the problem.

Holes (even very small ones)

If you ever see any holes in your siding no matter how small you should call an expert right away. Holes mean insects have attacked, eaten, and infiltrated your siding. Depending on the insect, this could be bad enough. However, these holes also invite in unwanted moisture.


Mold, mildew, fungus… no matter what growth you see on your siding, it indicates water damage. When water bypasses your siding, it can pool underneath and in your home’s walls. This dampness encourages mold, mildew, & fungus and is a sign that you need to check out your siding.


If you see any bubbling on your siding, it is another sign of water damage. Good quality siding that has been installed properly, should never have any bubbling. 

Do You Need to Replace Your Siding?

Have you noticed any of these signs in your home’s siding? If so, it’s time to call Northeast Home & Energy to schedule a free consultation to see if you need new siding. But there is good news! New siding increases your home’s curb appeal, resale value, and energy-efficiency, so contact us today to make an appointment.