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Mass Save® is a program sponsored by Massachusetts’s electric and natural gas utility companies. The purpose is to help home and business owners make energy-efficient changes. Through the Mass Save® Program, you may qualify for rebates and/or incentives for attic insulation to make your home more energy efficient. Are you wasting money heating or cooling a leaky attic? Your attic may serve as a spare storage room, a rarely used space that you only venture into to retrieve Christmas decorations or old photo albums. Your attic may also be a huge source of lost energy in your home. An attic that isn’t properly insulated can make your home uncomfortable by allowing hot air to escape, wasting hundreds of dollars spent on heating every year. Northeast Home & Energy has 40 years of experience in home renovation, including wall and attic insulation. We value excellent customer service and treat every home as if it were our own – with honesty and integrity.

Are you eligible for the Mass Save® Program?

Northeast Home & Energy is a Mass Save® partner.

If you are a customer of Eversource or National Grid, you may qualify for up to 75% in savings on the cost of attic insulation.

Eligibility requirements:


  • Live in a 1-4 unit home.
  • Eligibility is contingent upon the findings of a Home Energy Assessment.
  • Some restrictions apply and offers are subject to change
  • Financing is based upon approval from a participating lender.

Example Savings

Project cost: $3,500
Incentives: $2,625
Customer pays: $875

How to schedule your energy assessment?

1. Call 1-866-527-SAVE (7283) to schedule a no-cost Home Energy Assessment. Have your National Grid and Eversource account numbers and rates available.


2. During the appointment, Mass Save® representative will provide you with a complete Home Energy Assessment, including recommendations for energy-efficient improvements. Plus, energy-saving products like LEDs, advanced power strips, and thermostats will be installed at no cost as needed during the assessment.


3. After the assessment, you will receive mail or an email with the recommended contractor list where you can select Northeast Home & Energy as your preferred attic insulation installer. Once selected, Northeast Home & Energy will reach out to you to set up an appointment and answer any questions you may have.


4. After work is completed, Mass Save® will conduct quality assurance inspections for Home Energy Assessments, air sealing, insulation, HEAT Loans, and rebated heating systems.

Types of Insulation

The efficiency of insulation is rated in terms of R ratings, which refers to the insulation’s ability to prevent the transfer of heat. The higher the R rating, the better.

  • Fiberglass Batts – Fiberglass batts come in rolls and can be placed on the attic floor or between joist cavities. Fiberglass batts are the least expensive option but are susceptible to rot due to moisture or pest infestation.
  • Blown-in Loosefill – Loosefill is a fiberglass material that is applied using a blower. It provides a high R value for long-term insulation but is not the ideal option if you use the attic for storage.
  • Dense Packed Cellulose – Cellulose is made from recycled paper. Boric acid is added to make it fire-resistant and insect-resistant, making it the best option for fire resistance and to increase R-value.

Your home energy project may qualify for a 0% interest loan

HEAT loans are loans through the Mass Save® program that provide consumers with a 0% interest loan for qualified home improvement projects that improve the energy-efficiency in their homes. You could qualify for up to $25,000 for a 7-year term.

Energy-Efficient Windows
The HEAT loan may also be used to install new Energy Star replacement windows. If insulation and/or air sealing is recommended, then those recommended measures must be completed to qualify to finance the window purchase.

Save on Attic Insulation
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Professionally-installed high-quality attic insulation can reduce your energy costs and make your house more comfortable.

The insulation experts at Northeast Home & Energy can assess your needs and provide an estimate on the best insulation for your home and budget.

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